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About Us

Xtreem Bike Works

[email protected]
2820 North Market Street
Elizabethtown, PA US

Xtreem Bike Works Mission Statement

At Xtreem Bike Works superior quality of our custom fabricated Sub Cages, Crash Cages, and Race Rails is not an option, it is “DEMANDED”. Our products are ‘Built For Battle”. Both I and all of my staff understand that friendly, courteous customer service is critical to our success! This is a promise and guarantee to all of our riding family.

Xtreem Bike Works recognizes the need for a team of committed quality people to be a success in our industry. Therefore, I have surrounded myself with an extremely enthusiastic team consisting of experienced custom fabricators and Our Director of Sales & Marketing.

It is imperative for us to develop a special relationship with all of the stunt riders to get your feedback on our cages and rails. We intend to achieve this through the social media forums and the bike shows available to us! We shall constantly research and analyze our products to ensure that they are performing to our rider’s satisfaction in order to remain the best in the industry!

We are very passionate about stunt riding and for all of us, the Xtreem stunt riders, only the very best will do. This is why I guarantee that our cages & rails will always be “BUILT FOR BATTLE”.

Stunt your asses off,
Mike Carrier